Visit to the Prosenter in Oslo

As a student going to a Prosenter might seem a bit out of the ordinary, but it is helpful. When going through topics like human trafficking, it helps you to get a better understanding of what you’re talking about after this visit. The issue that was most talked about was human trafficking within the sex industry, and trafficking within prostitution.  When going to a place like the prosenter to get informed, you get the information from people that works close with the prostitutes, and they teach you about the laws that conflicts with what is happening in the world.

The woman that was tutoring us touched on a lot of subjects like prostitution and human trafficking. She talked mostly about how there are a lot of grey zones because the technology is always changing and the laws are behind the progression in the society. With the technology moving she also talked about how the excising laws are hard to define and there are cases with trouble of defying if there has been any offence. In general, she talked mostly about what they do on a daily basis and how they operate with the prostitutes.

Humans of Oslo

My dad, well I grew up in a14202835_10205278629523729_1824394812_o matriarchal family, so my mum is basically the boss. My dad got a stroke and disabled and got retired when he was around 38, and my mum manage everything. I can clearly remember my mum saying u have to do this and do this, she was clearly the boss. Well in the Philippines, I’m from the Philippines it´s more patriarchal. Like your dad works and your mum stays at home, so I don’t see women as the lesser gender. Because my mum of course is a strong woman. But I see women as competition like for example in high school I had physics and chemistry and it was always the girls having the best grades and topping in schools in the Philippines. So I always see girls as the ultimate competition because the boys are always like, I’m                                            going to hang out with my friends I’m going to do this blah, blah, blah.

Topics this year

Studying and Working Abroad

I think a lot of people choose to study abroad because they wanna explore different parts of the world and meet new people. They also might want to study abroad because they want to learn the language.


Multiculturalism is different cultures living together in one society. Multicultural societies are for example the UK. They are a pretty big multicultural society. The difficulties they might meet are not understanding and respecting others culture and making fun of and being mean because of it.


Media and the Role of the Media

Social media is used as adverticement sites. They are also used to spred news and meanings of different things happening in the world.


Tuesdays activity

Tuesday the 30th of August we had trust exercises and to get to know each other in class. The exercises was based on getting the class more comfortable with each other, so it would be easier for people to talk freely in class.

My expectations for the day wasn´t that high. I didn´t see what we were supposed to do so i wasn´t able to get any expectations before class.

During the exercises i was really stressed and uncomfortable since i lost a lot of the control i usually have. The positive things with the day was that it worked really well and people seemed to get more comfortable. I felt like this since i like control and it seemed like everyone was enjoying the class.

I feel like i didn´t learn a lot i feel like we had more fun.